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Measuring the circumference and diameter of tube furnaces in concrete plants

Running ring circumference

The regular inspection of the circumference and thus the diameter of the running rings and the drive rollers of tube furnaces in concrete plants is crucial for planning the replacement of drive components in good time and for targeted maintenance shutdowns before the expensive machine fails unplanned due to errors and have to be shut … Weiterlesen …

MID Length Measurement “calibratable” for textile production

Length measurement “calibratable” acc. to MID 2014/32/EU in textile production Textile fabrics, artificial leather, laminated materials are sold by length and must therefore be measured on calibrated fabric inspection machines according to MID 2014/32/EU. If the goods are difficult to measure due to their stretchability, softness, thickness and structure, the application of non-contact calibrated length … Weiterlesen …

MID Length measurement “calibratable” for cable production

Length measurement “calibratable” acc. to MID 2014/32/EU in cable production Cables are sold by length and must be measured with calibrated length measurement systems if the sale takes place within or into the EU. Larger cable diameters with solid and gripping insulation can be measured up to a certain speed, if necessary, still well by … Weiterlesen …

Differential length measurement in foil and film processing

Where do the discrepancies between purchase length and sales length come from? Films are purchased as roll products, processed and sold again as roll products. However, there are often differences between the length of purchased materials and the length of finished products. The reasons for this are manifold. Analyzing them is the key to increasing … Weiterlesen …

Headbox in Under- or Over-Stow

Under- or Over-Stow? Measurement technology for the paper industry … Every papermaker works with the jet-screen ratio to influence significant quality parameters of the paper. Among others, these are: the longitudinal/cross ratio, the formation, the tensile stiffness orientation and thus also strength properties such as the flat crush resistance, the strip crush resistance or the … Weiterlesen …

Saved a paper machine from a motor damage and crash

Paper Industry

Eine „wertvolle“ Kunden-Erfahrung … Warum verschleißen die Formiersiebe schneller als üblich? Warum ist die Antriebslast und damit auch der Stromverbrauch gestiegen? Wer zweifelt muss nachmessen … Und siehe da: der Tacho einer Antriebswalze war defekt und hat gegen eine andere Antriebswalze gearbeitet. Schlecht für den Stromverbrauch, schlecht für das Sieb, das als erstes kaputt geht. … Weiterlesen …

µSPEED to Measure Lacquer Foil

Lacquer Foil

The task was to measure high-gloss black lacquer foil, metallized foil and immediately afterwards a highly transparent foil correctly to length. Brilliantly solved with the ELOVIS laser encoder µSPEED. The result: 1 % overproduction avoided. That is 600 running meters x 2 m web width per production day – equivalent to 1200 m² per day. … Weiterlesen …


25 Years ELOVIS Length- & Speed Measurement Application Example 2 dated 2020-10-05: CALIBRATABLE LENGTH MEASUREMENT If goods are sold in Europe by length or area, they must usually be measured with “calibrated” length measuring machines, based on the European Measuring Instruments Directive MID 2014/32/EU. The directive stipulates that such length measuring machines must be subjected … Weiterlesen …

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