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ELOVIS GmbH expands | New Production and Office Rooms

ELOVIS is expanding and investing in the future! Since 15.06.2020 you can find us in our new production, laboratory and office rooms: ELOVIS GmbH Vincenz-Prießnitz-Strasse 1 76131 Karlsruhe Please do not forget to include our new address in your address database. Nothing will change in our contact details and contacts – telephone numbers, email addresses … Weiterlesen …


非接触式长度测量和非接触式速度测量——防滑和免维护,高精度 非接触式长度测量 应用: 移动网状材料长度,阀芯长度,卷曲长度 产品接收和发出的长度测量 分立元件的长度,如管材、金属板 长度切割控制 接触式计数器校准的便携式长度测量 非接触式速度测量 应用: 替换接触式编码器(接触轮,滚筒,……) 接触式转速表,编码器,驱动器的校准 差速测量和滑移测量 速度平衡、铣削和层压工艺的控制 在纵切生产线带钢的控制 厚度和速度测量的质量流控制 非接触式运动监测 应用: 替换光栅和对比度传感装置 物质的存在或不存在的检测 物质的运动或停止检测 物质的运动方向检测 速度监测


非接触式分立元件测量 应用: 分立元件长度的测量(10 mm – 15000 mm) 分立元件长度的测量 固定长度的测量 1 m材料重量的测量 长度排序 尺寸检测 应用: 离散元件的测量 模式重复长度的测量 二维和三维形状的测量 宽度、高度、长度的布匹测量 缺陷位置的检测和缺陷的自动监测 定长切割工艺的优化

Measurement of Speed Differences in the Headbox of a Paper Machine

The paper quality is often already determined in the headbox of a paper machine. The appropriate ratio between wire speed and jet beam velocity must be maintained, but the pulp jet velocity should be as homogeneous as possible within the headbox. Therefore, there should be no or only very small speed differences. It is not easy to ensure this and it is not possible to check speed differences with tactile measuring equipment. µSPEED laser encoder systems work contactless and are even suitable for this measuring application, so for measuring differences between paper wire and stock steel or within the headbox. Therefore µSPEED systems are an important tool for trouble shooting in paper production!

MID Basic Support

ELOVIS offers the MID basic support as a service for users of length measuring machines and square size measuring machines. ELOVIS analyses and evaluates the metrological suitability of length measuring machines and square size measuring machines for obtaining a positive conformity assessment according to the Measuring Instruments Directive MID 2014/32/EU. Such services are performed regularly … Weiterlesen …

K-Show October 16th to 23rd 2019

ELOVIS can be found at the K trade fair from 16. to 23.10.2019.

This year, ELOVIS is not represented with its own booth, but over the booths of partner companies:

-EXTRUDEX in Hall 16 Stand B42
Contact: Ms Mägerle and Ms Croyet

-Eugen Riexinger GmbH & Co. KG in Hall 11 Stand D73
Contact: Mr. Theobald

We are looking forward to your visit to Düsseldorf!

SLM System measures precision tubes up to 2m

Weerth-Handling-Systeme GmbH has developed a machine for chip-free and burr-free cutting of precision tubes with diameters from 8 mm to 60 mm and lengths from 70 mm to 2,000 mm. For self-monitoring purposes, the machine is equipped with the SLM length-section light scanner for discrete part length measurement. As the tubes pass through, they are … Weiterlesen …

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