Wireless Data Transmission
Vibration & Oscillation Measurement Systems

Wireless, synchronous Live Measurement Data Transmission

TEDIASENS systems provide a WLAN-based live measurement data transmission via wireless access point to a PC. If several TEDIASENS radio nodes are in use at the same time, they can be operated as a wireless sensor network with high bandwidth and synchronicity of the data recording. Thanks to synchronous data recording, TEDIASENS is virtually a cable replacement. The systems are used in portable service applications such as machine diagnostics as well as field and object measurements. TEDIASENS is designed to meet the high demands of vibration measurement and acceleration measurement with industrial accelerometers. Speed, displacement, pressure, flow sensors or rotary encoder sensors and light barriers can also be transmitted synchronously by TEDIASENS. The power supply of the sensor nodes takes place via an integrated battery. This is industry 4.0 to go!

Synchronous Transmission of Measurement Data, Vibration, Oscillation via WLAN


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