MID 2014/32/EU
Non-Contact, Tactile Certified Length Measurement Systems

Length Measurement acc. European Measurement Instruments Directive

If goods in Europe are sold by length or area, these goods generally have to be measured with calibrated and certified length measurement machines. The European Measuring Instruments Directive MID 2014/23/EU requires, that such length measurement machines undergo a conformity assessment. ELOVIS provides both, contact and non-contact MID length measurement systems, the non-contact µSPEED in combination with the MID-COUNTER, as well as contact measuring wheels or impellers, also in combination with the MID-COUNTER. The ELOVIS MID-COUNTER is equipped with a long-term memory, which safely stores over 4 million measurement results. The MID-COUNTER additionally offers numerous control functions and interfaces to connect with production data acquisition.The ELOVIS consultation on MID topics is appreciated and often used.
Calibrateable length measurement with MID-COUNTER and laser encoder as well as MID-COUNTER and measuring wheel encoder


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If goods are sold in Europe by length or area, they generally must be measured with "MID-certified" calibrated length...

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