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ELOVIS offers various services related to the products offered. These include metrological consulting, e.g. to find a suitable sensor solution for a customer-specific measuring task or to obtain an expert opinion on the conformity assessment of a length measuring machine in accordance with the MID 2014/32/EU. ELOVIS also offers measuring services. This includes the rental of sensor systems, the calibration of counters and tachometers, the inspection of machines and drives as well as troubleshooting. ELOVIS additionally offers metrological support in the clarification and elimination of end customer complaints regarding allegedly incorrectly delivered roll lengths, piece lengths or material widths. Assistance can be provided at the material production plant or at the material user’s plant. Last but not least, ELOVIS offers contract and OEM developments in the fields of optics, electronics, software and sensor systems. ELOVIS advises and supports non-contact length measurement and speed measurement, on the subject of calibrated measurement according to the European Measuring Instruments Directive 2014/32/EU as well as on the measurement of widths, heights and diameters. Projects with imaging, camera-based measuring systems can also be supported.

Measurement Technology & MID

You require measurement specific advice or an expert for conformity assessment acc. MID 2014/32/EU?

Rental, Measurement/Calibration Services

You suspect errors in the length measurement or on drives? There is a lack of suitable measurement equipment or the capacity for verification ....

Help with customer complaints

Is your customer's claim for underdelivery justified? How should one behave towards the customer ...

Contract Development and OEM Development

You have a measurement problem and can't find an adequate solution on the market? ELOVIS offers contract development and OEM development ...

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