Non-contact width, height, diameter measurement

Cross-section measurement in production, process monitoring, control, documentation of production

ELOVIS sensors for non-contact width measurement and height or thickness measurement μMETER-X are working on the basis of the cross-section light scanner technology. The material edges are scanned optically and with a typical accuracy of 1/10 mm. The non-contact measurement of the width, height, thickness or diameter takes place during the ongoing production process, during the material transportation in longitudinal direction. The measurement is used for inline monitoring of the dimensions for compliance with the product tolerances and documentation of the delivery condition and, if applicable, the feedback to the process machine control. μMETER-X gauges are maintenance-free, permanently calibrated and measure largely independent of material. The systems are used to measure profiles, pipes, plates, beams, webs, tapes made of a wide variety of materials.

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Non-contact width, height, diameter measurement: Non-contact ELOVIS measuring instruments for width, height and diameter measurement are listed in the following. The advantages resulting from the use of these measuring devices are named afterwards.

ELOVIS measuring equipment for non-contact width / height measurement:

  • Width and diameter measuring system
  • Light scanner, cross light scammer, light grid, light curtain, transmitted light measuring grid, optical caliper, automation light grid
  • Vision sensor, camera system, matrix and line scan camera

Measurement advantages with non-contact ELOVIS measuring instruments:

  • Wear-free, maintenance-free, permanently accurate ⇒ no maintenance costs, minimum operating costs
  • Self-monitoring ⇒ Warning in case of defect
  • Suitable at high speeds ⇒ prepared for the future
  • Material-independent measurement ⇒ Measuring principle largely eliminates the influence of material variation
  • Longlife LED Components ⇒ Long measuring system life
  • Measurement of all parts ⇒ 100% documentation and traceability of measurement results
  • Traceable, calibratable, conformity assessable ⇒ Legal certainty


Non-contact width, height, diameter measurement: The following list shows applications for non-contact ELOVIS measuring instruments for measurement of width, height and diameter.

Profile width, height, diameter measured in through-light:
Measure cross-sectional dimensions in-process at high material speeds up to 4 m/s. Error message of the system when exceeding the material tolerances or parts sorting / guaranteed for 100% good parts delivery.
Option: Cross-section control for error prevention

Measure width of panels and web material in through-light:
Measure width of web, ribbons, plates, sheets, blanks in-process. Measuring width of multi-lane tracks, tapes, foil strips

Measure widths, heights and edge distance in incident light:
Length check of long piece goods in a continuous process, non-contact and accurate. Measurement of the widths of multi-lane webs, tapes, film strips

Measure freeforms and profiles using 2D and 3D sensors:
Freeforms and non-rectangular goods are measured with vision sensors

The typical traditional and mostly touching measuring instruments for measuring width, height and diameter are listed in the following. Measuring problems resulting from the use of these measuring devices are also named here.

Width / height gauges, traditional, tactile, contacting:

  • Meter stick, caliper, tape measure
  • Measuring stop with steel ruler
  • Manual sampling

Measurement problems with traditional measuring equipment:

  • Material movement too fast (henceforth only random checks are possible)
  • Measurement and measurement accuracy depending on the operator
  • Errors by visual reading and manually entering the results in lists

Consequences of measurement problems:

  • High staff costs
  • Operator-dependent measurement deviations
  • Complaints due to width / height errors
  • Dimensional add-on material to avoid complaints
  • Great effort through 100% check-up after error message in sample test
  • Great effort in post-processing of parts after having detectes errors
  • Lack of traceability

Non-contact width, height, diameter measurement: Non-contact ELOVIS gauges for contactless width, height and diameter measurement are used in the following industrial sectors.

Semi-finished goods production (widths, diameters):

  • Plastic industry and extrusion (profile, hose, pipe, sealing industry, …)
  • carpet and flooring industry (roll width, web width, …)
  • Metal industry (sheets, blanks, tubes, profiles, bolts, rods, ingots, …)
  • furniture industry (furniture panels, doors, window frames, …)
  • Paper and board industry (hubs, cores, width in transverse movement, roll diameter during longitudinal movement)

Construction industry (panel widths, thicknesses):

  • Wood industry (logs, boards, KVH, beams …)
  • Drywall (plasterboard, chipboard, MDF boards, HDF boards, OSB boards
  • Insulation industry (insulation panels, fiberglass panels, Rockwool panels, …)

Packaging / transport industry (package dimensions):

  • packaging, packaging material (boxes, packages, pallets, …)

ELOVIS Services

ELOVIS offers the following services for non-contact width and heigth measurement:

  • Consulting regarding width and height measurement 
  • Measurement & calibration services
  • System rental and sales of gauges
  • Assistance in dealing with measurement complaints of your customers

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