Metal Industry

ELOVIS Measurement Solutions for the Metal Industry

For the metal industry ELOVIS offers measurement solutions for permanent optimization and monitoring of production machines as well as for troubleshooting. µSPEED laser encoders are used to measure speeds and differential speeds, e.g. for controlling the roll gap or for speed synchronization when several material webs are brought together. Length measurement in incoming and outgoing goods, in production machines and slitter rewinders as well as at all process stages where precise information about material lengths is required should also be mentioned. µVIS systems are used to measure the width of sheets, including single strip widths when the material is cut into numerous strips. ELOVIS SLM longitudinal light sensors are used to measure the width of finished rolls.  Some typical examples of measuring solutions in the metal industry are listed here.

Non-contact speed measurement – ELOVIS measurement solutions for metal industry:

  • Metal web speed
  • Roll and cylinder speed
  • Differential speed between rolls and cylinders
  • Differential speed between metal webs and rolls
  • Milling Speed ratio for roll gap control of a rolling mill

Non-contact length measurement – ELOVIS measuring solutions for metal industry:

Roll length at winder
Roll length in winder / rewinder
Roll length in cross cutter
length tracking through production chain

Metal Industry Sheet length measurement
Metal Industry Measurement of tube length

Metal Industry - Application Examples

Length of Steel Sheets in Refinement Facilities

The length measurement of a steel sheet with oiled surface, over embraced rollers is possible only with limited accur...

Speed Measurement in Rolling Mills

In rolling mills it is crucial that the material and roll speeds are determined correctly. The in-plant speed measure...

Metal Industry Sheet length measurement

Length Measurement of sheets and plates

Metal sheets and boards are cut and then palletized. A final measurement is often done manually on the pallet stack. ...

Metal Industry Measurement of tube length

Weerth - cutting and measuring precision pipes and tubes

Weerth Handling Systeme manufactures systems for the non-cutting and burr-free cutting of metal pipes and tubes. For ...

Zylinder Geschwindigkeit

Cylinder Speed, Roller Speed

Cylinder speeds and roller speeds often decide on the material quality and the degree of utilization of machines. Dri...

Speed of Metal and Sheet Metal

Sheet metal made of aluminum, steel, stainless steel and copper alloys must be moved at the right speed during the pr...

Measure the length of metal parts, pipes, bolts, slugs

Metal parts such as pipes, bolts, rods, slugs should have the correct part length. When operating presses and forging...

Metal Industry Sheet length measurement

Dimensional check on sheet metals and circuit boards

Dimensional control in sheet metal and panel production requires a robust, accurate, if possible non-contact, gauging...

Matching Products and Services

Length & Speed Measurement Systems

  • Non-contact length and speed measurement, optically by laser
  • Length and speed free of slippage, maintenance-free, permanently calibrated and accurately measured
  • The Laser-Encoder replaces tactile measurement via impeller, wheel, measurement roller, or machine drive
  • Measurement of agitated surfaces via laser-doppler surface velocimeter

Length-Section Light Scanner
Discrete Part Length Measurement System

  • Non-contact length measurement of discrete parts in the production process or in a cycle
  • Highly accurate measurement of discrete parts, good/bad sorting and documentation
  • LED-based length-section light scanner measurement technology, maintenance-free, optical, permanently calibrated
  • Optical micrometer for the length measurement of profiles, tubes, plates


ELOVIS Services

ELOVIS offers the following services in the field of the metal industry:

  • Advice on the conformity assessment of length measuring machines
  • Measuring services in the run-up to a conformity assessment
  • Help with length complaints from your customers
  • OEM sensor developments in MID 2014/32/EU

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