Non-Contact Speed Measurement

Machine Control, Calibration of Tachometers, … by speed detection

ELOVIS systems for motion and speed measurement work without contact and therefore free of slippage, abrasion and wear. ELOVIS speed gauges are mounted at a safe distance to the conveyor or measurement material and measure the speed of the passing material surface. The sensors are used for machine drive control, for measuring differential speeds between drive and material as well as for the measurement of shrinkage and strain. Speeds are measured on webs, tapes, discrete parts, but also on cylinders and rollers made of a wide variety of materials. The non-contact speed measurement also offers significant accuracy and application advantages over conventional measuring methods at the portable, tripod-based speed measurement, for example for tachometer calibration as well as for the search of errors in the conveyor technology. Several thousand successful installations speak for themselves: “Non-contact Speed Measurement – by the laser-encoder gauges of the μSPEED series from ELOVIS – is user-friendly, handy, robust, reliable and permanently accurate”.

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Non-contact speed measurement


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ELOVIS Services

ELOVIS offers the following services for non-contact speed measurement:

  • Consulting regarding speed measurement 
  • Measurement & calibration services
  • System rental and sales of non-contact gauges
  • Assistance in dealing with length complaints of your customers

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