Systems for the accurate measurement of discrete parts from 10 mm up to approx. 5 m

μMETER-SLM systems measure discrete part lengths from approx. 10 mm to nearly 5 m during the longitudinal movement of the material to be measured. SLM systems are usually integrated into the production line following a cutting unit and monitor every item produced at full transport speed. SLM systems are offered as a consistent transmitter and receiver array for different maximum unit lengths and are permanently calibrated ex works. With a typical measurement accuracy of +/- 0.1 mm per meter measuring length despite material movement, the SLM system is unique in the market of serial measurement technology. SLM systems are used for production optimization, good/bad sorting and documentation of the delivery status of discrete parts. SLM systems are maintenance-free, permanently accurate and measure largely independent of material. Typical measurement materials are profiles, tubes, plates, sheets, boards, beams, bolts, … made of the most diverse materials.

Non-Contact Discrete Part Length Measurement


Measure piece lengths up to 5m
in transmitted light

Do you still measure piece lengths by hand in samples? Incoming and outgoing material edges ensure increased wear and...

Measure part length up to approximately 15 m
in transmitted light

The final measurement of very large parts is complex, staff-intensive, but still prone to error. If the maximum measu...

Length Measurement of long parts
in reflection

The measurement situation prevents the use of a transmitted light system for part length measurement? The space avail...

Measure part lengths
with free-form edges

You want to measure the length of parts with free-form edges? ... With the μVIS based 2D and 3D sensors a variety of ...


Length Measurement of profiles after cutting

High demands of the automotive, furniture, electronics or medical industry on the cutting accuracy of profiles make t...

Highly accurate contact free part length measurement during part feeding. Measurement of fixed length, sections and cut parts, pipe sections, tubes and hoses.

Length Measurement of pipes after cutting

The final measurement of all tubes after the cutting allows a shortening of the setup time of the cutting system and ...

Test station for final part length measurement

If discrete part lengths are to be measured quickly and reliably and the measurement length has to be documented, the...

Metal Industry Sheet length measurement

Length Measurement of sheets and plates

Metal sheets and boards are cut and then palletized. A final measurement is often done manually on the pallet stack. ...

Length Measurement of window profiles

Window profiles with lengths between 2.5 m and 7 m should be cut as precisely as possible and checked directly after ...

Measure the length of wood and chipboard

The woodworking industry is now confronted with high accuracy requirements. In order to make a profit, it is importan...

Width of paper rolls on the chain conveyor

Paper rolls are transported to the warehouse via chain conveyors after wrapping. Prior to storage, the rolls of paper...

Length of transparent plastic profiles

Even the final length measurement of translucent plastic profiles is easily and accurately possible with the non-cont...

Measure the length of metal parts, pipes, bolts, slugs

Metal parts such as pipes, bolts, rods, slugs should have the correct part length. When operating presses and forging...

Metal Industry Measurement of tube length

Weerth - cutting and measuring precision pipes and tubes

Weerth Handling Systeme manufactures systems for the non-cutting and burr-free cutting of metal pipes and tubes. For ...

ROBUST - Foil cutting machine with part length measurement

ROBUST is specialized in slitting machines and winding technology. The product range includes roll slitting and windi...

EXTRUDEX - extruder with guillotine and measuring unit

EXTRUDEX is a manufacturer of extruders and cutting devices. EXTRUDEX extruders are mainly used in the automotive and...

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