Speed Measurement of Liquids

non-solid surfaces – measure in spite of humidity, fog and heat

The measurement of the material jet speed of fourdrinier paper machines is still usually done with indirect measurement methods. Measurement errors and the resulting quality problems are the rule. How can a reliable measurement of the jet speeds be made in this rough and wet headbox environment? With the ELOVIS μSPEED sensor system, equipped with an optical adjustment aid, speeds of moving, diffusely scattering surfaces can be reliably measured from a distance. Also liquids and liquid films can scatter the laser beam sufficiently diffusely. For longer measurements under extreme environmental conditions with high humidity, steam, fog or high temperatures, the ELOVIS sensor system can be sealed off by an air-flushed housing and thus protected against contamination. The calibration of headboxes is an application. The measurement of coating curtains as well as movement of goods during liquid application are further applications.

Typical liquid and wet measuring media:

  • pulp, liquid paper, pulp for carton, tissue, …
  • Liquid coatings
  • Textiles, carpets, nonwovens, nonwovens in furnishing processes
  • webs, sheets, foils in coating processes

Typical machines with measurement problems:

  • Headbox of Fourdrinier Paper Machines
  • Curtain Coating Machines
  • Labelling Machines
  • Calendering machines
  • Laminators
  • Laminating machines
  • Coating machines

Application Examples

V-Measurement on liquid surfaces

Measuring the speed of liquid surfaces presents a particular challenge. µSPEED sensors even measure velocities at dif...

Fabric Jet Measurement in the Paper Machine

The measurement of the fabric jet speed in fourdrinier paper machines has since been possible only indirectly via the...

Matching Products and Services

Length & Speed Measurement Systems

  • Non-contact length and speed measurement, optically by laser
  • Length and speed free of slippage, maintenance-free, permanently calibrated and accurately measured
  • The Laser-Encoder replaces tactile measurement via impeller, wheel, measurement roller, or machine drive
  • Measurement of agitated surfaces via laser-doppler surface velocimeter

ELOVIS Services

  • Advice on the measurement of non-solid, liquid or moist materials
  • Measurement & calibration services
  • Help in finding system malfunctions
  • OEM sensor developments in the field of measurement of non-solid, liquid or wet materials

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