Development and production of machines with measuring technology and sensors from ELOVIS

The following list contains selected partner companies of ELOVIS GmbH, who either develop and manufacture measuring machines themselves or such partners, who act as consultants or inspectors in the area of ​​research, conception and certification.

Machine builders: ETF Machinefabriek, Gebr. Maag Maschinenfabrik, Weerth-Handling-Systeme, Eugen Riexinger, Campen Machinery, Extrudex, Erbatech, Rudolf Bauch Maschinenbau

Partners in Research, Conception and Certification: PTB Braunschweig, FZI, ITIV

National Metrology Institute of Germany PTB

Partner for the conformity assessment of length measurement machines:

lndustry, trade and commerce in many cases count on the basis of length measurements of assets. In these cases, the conformity of the measuring instruments acc. to the Measurement Instruments Directive MID/2014/32 / EU or to the Measurement and Calibration Act must be certified. Among other things, such conformity assessments for devices for measuring lengths and their combination determine the field of activity of PTB. PTB has already evaluated numerous length measuring machines with ELOVIS length measuring technology. PTB issued a part certificate for the MID-COUNTER, both for length measurement with a laser encoder and a measuring wheel.

Segments: conformity assessments according to MID 2014/32 / EU for length and sqare size measuring instruments for textile, non-woven, foil, cable, paper, …


Partner for the development and production of calibrated inspection machines:

The company MAAG is a Swiss mechanical engineering company, which is a leader in the production of calibrated inspection machines and length measuring machines for hard-to-measure strip and web products. Therefore, MAAG often uses μSPEED systems for calibrated  and MID certified machines. MAAG has so-called type approvals to allow the marketing of calibrated machines in a simplified way.

Segments: Textile, artificial leather, foil, laminated materials and other composite materials

Application Example:  Rolling and Inspection Machine


Partner for the development and production of pipe cutting systems:

WHS manufactures innovative machines and plants for the chipless and burr-free cutting of metal pipes. Whenever customers want it to be precise, production machines are equipped with the ELOVIS μMETER-SLM systems. With μMETER-SLM the production is secured and the quality is completely documented.

Segments: Metal, pipes, stainless steel pipes

Application Example: Pipe Separation System


Partner for the development and production of sawing machines:

Eugen Riexinger’s product range includes semi-automatic and fully automatic saws and sawing systems.

Segments: Metal, pipes, stainless steel pipes


Partner for production and distribution of carpet machines:

ETF is a Dutch mechanical engineering company that is the world’s number one manufacturer in winding machines, length-cutting machines, cutting machines, packaging and sorting machines, electronic measurement systems for length measurement, fabric inspection machines and coupon cutting machines all for the carpet market. ETF uses ELOVIS μSPEED systems for calibrated length measuring machines and has type approvals to facilitate the marketing of calibrated machines.

Segments: Carpet, non-woven, venyl

Application Example: Carpet Cutting Machine


Partner for the development and manufacture of extruders and downstream equipment:

EXTRUDEX manufactures Helibar single-screw extruders, grooved and smooth-tube extruders. EXTRUDEX extruders are mainly used in the automotive and medical technology sectors as well as in the cable industry. EXTRUDEX uses ELOVIS SLM systems for length check and documentation after cutting process.

Segments: Profile production, production of medical mono- to 6-layer hoses, pipe production for the sanitary or automotive industry, corrugated pipe production, cable sheathing

Example Application: Segmenting Station with non-contact Part Length Measurement


Partner for development and production of slitter rewinding machines:

CAMPEN off-line slitting machines, wrapping machines and wrapping machines from Denmark are specifically designed machines for cutting and wrapping various types of nonwoven, delicate materials and technical textiles, mainly web-shaped materials. CAMPEN uses ELOVIS μSPEED systems for length measurement in machines with difficult-to-measure materials, but also when it comes to verifiable MID certified solutions.

Segments: Non-woven, textile, foil, delicate materials

Application Example: Off-line Slitter Rewinder


Partner for development and production of winding and converting machines for the roofing and paper industry:

ERBATECH is a mechanical engineering company from Erbach. ERBATECH manufactures production lines and machine modules for the production of membranes and shingles. ERBATECH offers machine modules for the reprocessing of primary products such as substrate materials via web control to impregnation / coating and sprinkling / cooling. ERBATECH uses ELOVIS μSPEED systems when it comes to precise cutting control in the production of rolls.

Segments: Roofing membranes, bitumen membranes, paper, non-woven, textile


Partner for length cutting and cross cutting:

ROBUST specializes in machines and components for industrial longitudinal and transverse cutting as well as for pre- and post-processing winding and sorting technology. The product range includes roll cutting and winding machines, longitudinal and cross cutting machines, machines for laminating, coating and gluing. ELOVIS discrete part length measurement systems complement ROBUST cutting machines to ensure length accuracy and 100% documentation of production.

Segments: foil, wood and furniture, paper, composites, cell and battery production

Example Application: Foil Format Cutting Machine


Partner for research and development:

The FZI in Karlsruhe is a partner for the implementation of the latest methods and findings of scientific research in computer science, engineering and business administration in practical applications. The FZI is a research institution of the state of Baden-Württemberg.

Segments: Development of organizational solutions, software solutions and system solutions for innovative products, services and business processes.


Partner for research and development:

The Institute for Information Processing Technology (ITIV) is one of the seventeen institutes of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology within the KIT (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology – University of Karlsruhe).

Segments: Research partner for the design of electronic systems and microsystems, using new methods and computer-aided tools.

Link: www.itiv.kit

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