SLM System measures precision tubes up to 2m

Weerth-Handling-Systeme GmbH has developed a machine for chip-free and burr-free cutting of precision tubes with diameters from 8 mm to 60 mm and lengths from 70 mm to 2,000 mm. For self-monitoring purposes, the machine is equipped with the SLM length-section light scanner for discrete part length measurement. As the tubes pass through, they are … Weiterlesen …

Calibrateable Cable Length Measurement up to 1,600 m/min

The combination of μSPEED-SMART laser encoder and MID-COUNTER together with the CGS cable guide with measurement tripod has recently been successfully tested at cable speeds of up to 1,600 m/min. The high-speed extrusion line delivered cable diameters of 0.5mm to 6mm. The cable routing would theoretically be suitable for diameters up to more than 10 … Weiterlesen …

Length Measurement of Metal Sheets

  • Piece length measurement with transmitted-light system SLM on metal sheets and boards
  • Use after cross-cut plant
  • Measurement accuracy: better ± 0.2 mm per section with 1000 mm length
  • Measurement speed up to 240 m / min
  • Measurement material length of up to almost 5 m
  • Twists of the plates are optionally detected and corrected automatically
  • Optional PLC control with touch screen, monitoring of angularity, thickness measurement and surface inspection possible

Self-sufficient speed measurement system

Battery operated speed measurement system with data logger. Usable for mobile applications where neither power supply nor data evaluation via PC is possible.

Application examples:

  • Speed measurement in individual sports: skis, bobsleigh, luge, …. and in conjunction with other sports equipment
  • Speed measurement in motorsport
  • Speed measurement in rides, e.g. Roller coasters
  • Speed measurement of rail vehicles

Fixed length measurement Extrusion profiles

  • Discrete part length measurement with transmitted-light system SLM on extruded profiles
  • Use in material extrusion or roll forming after cutting machine, scissors, saw
  • Measurement accuracy: better ± 0.2 mm per section with 1000 mm length
  • Measurement speed up to 240 m/min
  • Optional: sorting control with product database and statistics function
  • Optional PLC control with cut optimization or surface inspection possible

Calibration of the system counter

Inspection of a machine counter for a roll cutting machine
  • System calibration with portable μSPEED-smart system with calibration certificate for paper, foil, nonwoven, textile, …
  • Used on roll cutting machine, winder, cross cutter, lengthwise cutter
  • Measurement accuracy: better ± 0.05% measurement length
  • Measurement speed up to 4,800 m/min
  • PC evaluation with calibration protocol

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