µSPEED to Measure Lacquer Foil

Lacquer Foil

The task was to measure high-gloss black lacquer foil, metallized foil and immediately afterwards a highly transparent foil correctly to length. Brilliantly solved with the ELOVIS laser encoder µSPEED. The result: 1 % overproduction avoided. That is 600 running meters x 2 m web width per production day – equivalent to 1200 m² per day. … Weiterlesen …

Measurement of Speed Differences in the Headbox of a Paper Machine

The paper quality is often already determined in the headbox of a paper machine. The appropriate ratio between wire speed and jet beam velocity must be maintained, but the pulp jet velocity should be as homogeneous as possible within the headbox. Therefore, there should be no or only very small speed differences. It is not easy to ensure this and it is not possible to check speed differences with tactile measuring equipment. µSPEED laser encoder systems work contactless and are even suitable for this measuring application, so for measuring differences between paper wire and stock steel or within the headbox. Therefore µSPEED systems are an important tool for trouble shooting in paper production!

SLM System measures precision tubes up to 2m

Weerth-Handling-Systeme GmbH has developed a machine for chip-free and burr-free cutting of precision tubes with diameters from 8 mm to 60 mm and lengths from 70 mm to 2,000 mm. For self-monitoring purposes, the machine is equipped with the SLM length-section light scanner for discrete part length measurement. As the tubes pass through, they are … Weiterlesen …

Calibrateable Cable Length Measurement up to 1,600 m/min

The combination of μSPEED-SMART laser encoder and MID-COUNTER together with the CGS cable guide with measurement tripod has recently been successfully tested at cable speeds of up to 1,600 m/min. The high-speed extrusion line delivered cable diameters of 0.5mm to 6mm. The cable routing would theoretically be suitable for diameters up to more than 10 … Weiterlesen …

Length Measurement of Metal Sheets

Dimensional check on sheet metals
  • Piece length measurement with transmitted-light system SLM on metal sheets and boards
  • Use after cross-cut plant
  • Measurement accuracy: better ± 0.2 mm per section with 1000 mm length
  • Measurement speed up to 240 m / min
  • Measurement material length of up to almost 5 m
  • Twists of the plates are optionally detected and corrected automatically
  • Optional PLC control with touch screen, monitoring of angularity, thickness measurement and surface inspection possible

Self-sufficient speed measurement system

Battery operated speed measurement system with data logger. Usable for mobile applications where neither power supply nor data evaluation via PC is possible.

Application examples:

  • Speed measurement in individual sports: skis, bobsleigh, luge, …. and in conjunction with other sports equipment
  • Speed measurement in motorsport
  • Speed measurement in rides, e.g. Roller coasters
  • Speed measurement of rail vehicles

Fixed length measurement Extrusion profiles

  • Discrete part length measurement with transmitted-light system SLM on extruded profiles
  • Use in material extrusion or roll forming after cutting machine, scissors, saw
  • Measurement accuracy: better ± 0.2 mm per section with 1000 mm length
  • Measurement speed up to 240 m/min
  • Optional: sorting control with product database and statistics function
  • Optional PLC control with cut optimization or surface inspection possible

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