Non-Contact Measurement and Radio Technology

ELOVIS GmbH offers products for monitoring and control industrial production processes. Laser encoder systems of the µSPEED series for non-contact measurement of length and speed replace measuring wheels and other measuring methods based on static friction. Equipped with a MID-COUNTER, the devices are used for “calibrated” length measuring machines according to MID 2016/32/EU. Longitudinal light scanners of the SLM product series are used for non-contact re-measurement of piece goods lengths in the production process. The width, height and diameter measuring systems µMETER-X from ELOVIS work on the basis of contactless edge detection transverse to the movement of the measuring object. ELOVIS TEDIASENS systems offer wireless LAN-based live measurement data transmission via radio by means of an access point to a PC. ELOVIS products are designed for use in the production process during material movement. ELOVIS products work contact-free, are wear-free, maintenance-free and are characterised by a permanent calibration. ELOVIS aims to make sensors, measuring systems and measuring solutions user-friendly. This includes that they are mechanically and electrically easy to integrate, robust and permanently accurate, have a long lifetime and an excellent price/performance ratio.

Length & Speed Measurement Systems

  • Non-contact length and speed measurement, optically by laser
  • Length and speed free of slippage, maintenance-free, permanently calibrated and accurately measured
  • The Laser-Encoder replaces tactile measurement via impeller, wheel, measurement roller, or machine drive
  • Measurement of agitated surfaces via laser-doppler surface velocimeter

MID 2014/32/EU
Certified Length Measurement Systems

  • Verifiably Calibrated, Certified Length Measurement Systems according EU-Measuring-Instruments-Directive MID 2014/32/EU
  • Non-contact MID Measurement Systems consisting of MID-COUNTER and Laser-Encoder
  • Tactile MID Length Measurement System consisting of MID-COUNTER and impeller or measuring wheel
  • Measurement Systems with preliminary examination through the PTB (The National Metrology Institute of Germany)

Length-Section Light Scanner
Discrete Part Length Measurement System

  • Non-contact length measurement of discrete parts in the production process or in a cycle
  • Highly accurate measurement of discrete parts, good/bad sorting and documentation
  • LED-based length-section light scanner measurement technology, maintenance-free, optical, permanently calibrated
  • Optical micrometer for the length measurement of profiles, tubes, plates

Cross-Section Light Scanner
Width-Height-Diameter Measurement Systems

  • Non-contact width, height and diameter measurement in the production process or in a cycle
  • Highly precise cross section measurement, monitoring of dimensional tolerance, regulation and documentation
  • LED-based light scanner measurement technology, maintenance-free, optical, permanently calibrated
  • Optical micrometer in order to measure lengths of profiles, tubes, plates, beams, rolls

Wireless Systems
Vibration & Oscillation Measurement Systems

  • Synchronous, wireless measurement data transmission and data acquisition
  • Live measurement data transmission of vibration oscillation, temperature, pressure
  • Wireless sensor network, self-organised, Industry 4.0 to go!
  • Condition monitoring of machines, drives, processes, objects, bulidings

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