Long-Term Monitoring and Measurement Data Logging

intelligent sensors, low energy consumption, small size

Object states should be monitored over a longer period of time at regular intervals, whereby the test data and any alarms are to be transmitted wirelessly to a gateway in the event of exceeding the limit value. ... ELOVIS offers the LOGGING NODE systems for these applications. LOGGING NODE systems can be equipped with internal sensors and designed for the connection of external sensors (LN-I, LN-X). LOGGING NODE systems stand out due to their low energy consumption and thus enable a long autonomous service life. LN systems have an extremely small overall size, can independently check measurement values for tolerance compliance and store measured data over a long period of time. A special feature is the pre-trigger function, which also allows the data to be written shortly before the measured value is exceeded, stored and transmitted to a gateway together with the alarm. ... LOGGING NODE systems generally can be adapted to the respective application for quantities of 500 pieces or more. LOGGING NODE systems are therefore primarily OEM solutions.

Typical measurements:

  • vibration, oscillation
  • Pressure
  • temperature
  • humidity
  • Force
  • Strain
  • Location
  • Tilt

Typical objects with measurement / monitoring problems:

  • large machines
  • Sieves, classifiers, mills
  • Drives, transmissions
  • Power plants
  • Structures, bridges
  • Building
  • infrastructure elements


Application Examples

Matching Products and Services

Wireless Systems
Vibration & Oscillation Measurement Systems

  • Synchronous, wireless measurement data transmission and data acquisition
  • Live measurement data transmission of vibration oscillation, temperature, pressure
  • Wireless sensor network, self-organised, Industry 4.0 to go!
  • Condition monitoring of machines, drives, processes, objects, bulidings

ELOVIS Services

ELOVIS offers the following services in this area:

  • Consulting for wireless data transmission and data logging
  • System-rent
  • Recommendation by experts
  • OEM sensor developments in the field of wireless data transmission and data logging

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