Non-Contact Part Length Measurement

Final Measurement of Parts, Good/Waste Sorting, Documentation of the Production

ELOVIS offers non-contact gauges for remeasuring part lengths on the basis of the worldwide unique length-section light scanner technology. With a typical measuring accuracy of 1/10 mm per meter measuring length, the SLM discrete part length measurement systems can currently be offered for measuring lengths of up to app. 15m. For even longer lengths, ELOVIS offers the μSPEED laser-encoder series. The non-contact re-measurement of the part lengths takes place in the production process, during their transport in longitudinal direction. The measurement is used for good / wast sorting and documentation of the delivery condition of the parts as well as the production and length optimization. SLM gauges are maintenance-free, permanently calibrated and measure largely independent of material. The systems are used to measure the length of parts or pieces of profiles, pipes, plates, beams, bolts, struts, beams, rails, hubs made of a wide variety of materials. The robust sensor technology is easier to integrate into the process than it seems – and the production line does not have to grow, when extended by the SLM gauge. Measuring and rejecting of parts is possible in one and the same place.”Non-contact Discrete Part Length Measurement – by the length section gauges of the SLM series from ELOVIS – is user-friendly, safe, robust, reliable and highly accurate”.

Measure piece lengths up to 5m
in transmitted light

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Measure part length up to approximately 15 m
in transmitted light

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Length Measurement of long parts
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Measure part lengths
with free-form edges, Application Videos Part Length Measurement

Measure part lengths
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ELOVIS Services

ELOVIS offers the following services for non-contact discrete part length measurement:

  • Consulting regarding part length measurement 
  • Measurement & calibration services
  • System rental and sales of tactile and non-contact gauges
  • Assistance in dealing with length complaints of your customers

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