Non-Contact Length Measurement

Roll Length, Cut-to-Length Control, Calibrated MID and Portable Length Measurement, Print Control, Pattern Repeat Length Measurement, …

With its non-contact gauges for length measurement, ELOVIS replaces measuring wheels and drive-based or measuring roll-based measurement solutions. ELOVIS gauges are mounted at a safe distance to the transport conveyor and measure the length of the passing material surface. The sensors are used for measuring roll lengths, winding lengths and coil lengths, as well as for cutting or cut-to-length control. The gauges measure webs, ribbons and stranded or spooled goods as well as goods in pieces made of a wide variety of materials. ELOVIS also offers calibratable length measuring systems in accordance with the European Measuring Instruments Directive MID 2014/32/EU. Non-contact length measurement offers significant accuracy and application advantages over conventional measurement methods in mobile, tripod-based measurement, encoder calibration and in the measurement of elongation and shrinkage of goods. Several thousand successful installations speak for themselves: “Non-Contact Length Measurement – by the laser-encoder gauges of the μSPEED series from ELOVIS – is user-friendly, handy, robust, reliable and permanently accurate”.

Length Measurement
Length Speed

Roll Length/Coil Length

Is your billing based on correct length values? Are all materials measured with same accuracy? Or do you risk len...

Cut-to-length Control

Do you avoid length additions or do you deliver excess length just to be safe? Do you have the strict requirement to ...

MID certified Length Measurement

If goods are sold in Europe by length or area, they generally must be measured with "MID-certified" calibrated length...



Portable/Mobile Length Measurement, Encoder Calibration, Discrete Part Length Measurement, Measurement of Mark Distan...

Portable/Mobile Length Measurement

Where do you lose lengths during the production process? Where does waste or rejects occur? Does material shrinkage o...

Encoder Calibration

Do all system counters work with the same accuracy across the production spectrum? Which method do you use to check t...

Discrete Part Length Measurement

Are you interrupting your production or reducing the throughput speed to check lengths manually? Sample test costs pr...

Measurement of Mark Distances

The purpose of pattern repeat length measurement is to shorten the running-in process and to achieve permanently corr...

Differential Length Measurement

Length differences are often caused by the process. Reasons are drying, moisture input, thickness change, tensile str...

Measurement of Stretch and Shrinkage

The determination of material stretch and material shrinkage is an important process parameter for you? Whenever the ...

Length-proportional imprint

Do you print products in the process with a length measurement? However, the length varies depending on the products ...


ELOVIS Services

ELOVIS offers the following services for non-contact length measurement:

  • Consulting regarding length and speed measurement 
  • Measurement & calibration services
  • System rental and sales of tactile and non-contact gauges
  • Assistance in dealing with length complaints of your customers

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