Foil Industry

ELOVIS Measurement Solutions for Foil Industry

For the film and foil industry, ELOVIS offers irreplaceable measuring solutions both for the permanent optimization and monitoring of production machines and for troubleshooting. An important field of application is the calibrated length measurement during the production of finished rolls, when the product is sold by length or square meter. Also worth mentioning is length measurement in incoming and outgoing goods, in production machines and slitter rewinders, and at all process stages where precise information on material lengths is required. However, µSPEED laser encoders are also used to measure speeds and differential speeds, e.g. to determine elongation and shrinkage of the goods or for speed synchronization when several material webs are brought together. µVIS systems are used to measure the width of films, including single strip widths when the material is cut into numerous strips. ELOVIS SLM longitudinal light sensors are used to measure the length of sheets and width of finished rolls.  Some typical examples of measurement solutions in the foil and film industry are listed here.

Non-contact length measurement – ELOVIS measuring solutions for foil industry:

  • Length measurement  acc. to MID2014/32/EU (calibrated measurement) for sales by length or sqare meter
  • Roll length in winder / rewinder
  • Defect positions in doctor reel
  • Roll length in calender
  • Roll length in production machines
  • Length tracking through production chain
  • Pattern repeat length measurement at printed foil

Measuring speeds without contact – ELOVIS Measuring Solutions for foil industry:

  • Differential speed between incoming and outgoing foil for measuring elongation and shrinkage
  • Differential speed between foil and drive/cylinder
  • Monitoring of production and process speed
  • Roller and cylinder speed
  • Coating speed measurement
Foil Industry

Foil Industry - Application Examples

Length Measurement of Film

Non-contact length measurement of strongly reflective, mirrorlike film and foil for the food indutry and optical film...

Length Measurement of transparent Foil

Precise length measurement on transparent film and foil for the food indutry and optical films. Length measurement on...

ROBUST - Foil cutting machine with part length measurement

ROBUST is specialized in slitting machines and winding technology. The product range includes roll slitting and windi...

Repeat Length
Measurement System

Monitoring of the pattern repeat lengths is crucial for a printer. Tension of the machines and the stretchability of ...

Roll Cutter for Roof Membranes

Due to the large number of different measuring surfaces, the CTL length cutting of sales rolls of roofing membranes, ...

Length Measurement of Separator Film

Battery separator foil must not show any holes, folds, kinks or damage, otherwise this may result in considerable dam...

Length measurement of edge-adhesive tape / decorative paper

Edge-adhesive tape and decorative paper are produced in a large variety of decor and structures in large batches. How...

Matching Products and Services

Length & Speed Measurement Systems

  • Non-contact length and speed measurement, optically by laser
  • Length and speed free of slippage, maintenance-free, permanently calibrated and accurately measured
  • The Laser-Encoder replaces tactile measurement via impeller, wheel, measurement roller, or machine drive
  • Measurement of agitated surfaces via laser-doppler surface velocimeter

Length-Section Light Scanner
Discrete Part Length Measurement System

  • Non-contact length measurement of discrete parts in the production process or in a cycle
  • Highly accurate measurement of discrete parts, good/bad sorting and documentation
  • LED-based length-section light scanner measurement technology, maintenance-free, optical, permanently calibrated
  • Optical micrometer for the length measurement of profiles, tubes, plates

ELOVIS Services

ELOVIS offers the following services in the field of the foil industry:

  • Advice on the conformity assessment of length measuring machines
  • Measuring services in the run-up to a conformity assessment
  • Help with length complaints from your customers
  • OEM sensor developments in MID 2014/32 / EU

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