Combined Applications for Dimensional Check

Measurement Solution based on combined single Gauges

Length, Widht, Thickness, Angles, Parallelity for Plates, Boards

If several dimensions of semi-finished products have to be checked to secure subsequent processes, combined measureme...

Length, diameter, gap size of profiles, hoses, pipes

In the production of profiles, hoses and pipes, it is important to comply with different tolerances and to optimize o...

Web Length and Width Measurement

Widths of web, tape and other rolled goods are usually measured by hand in random samples, because touching measuring...

Dimensional control for length, width, height, angularity – traditionally tactile:

  • Meter stick, caliper, tape measure
  • Measuring stop with steel ruler
  • Manual sampling

Measurement problems with traditional measuring equipment:

  • Material movement too fast (henceforth only random checks)
  • Measurement and measurement accuracy depending on the operator
  • Errors by visual reading and manually entering the results in lists

Consequences of measurement problems:

  • High staff costs
  • Operator-dependent measurement spread
  • Complaints due to width / height error
  • Dimensional additions to avoid complaints
  • Big effort through manual sample testing after  error message
  • Big effort in post-processing of parts
  • Lack of traceability

ELOVIS measurement solutions for non-contact control of length, width, height, angularity, … by combining individual sensors:

  • Length measurement → SLM
  • Width, height and diameter measuring system → BDM
  • Light grid, cross light grid, light curtain, transmitted light measuring grid, optical caliper, automation light grid → BDM, SLM
  • Vision sensor, camera system, matrix and line scan camera → μVIS

Measurement advantages with non-contact ELOVIS measuring equipment:

  • Wear-free, maintenance-free, permanently accurate ⇒ no maintenance costs, minimum operating costs
  • Self-monitoring ⇒ Warning in case of defect
  • Suitable for high product speeds ⇒ prepared for the future
  • Material-independent measurement ⇒ Measuring principle largely eliminates the influence of material variation
  • Long life LED components ⇒ Long measuring system life
  • Measurement of all parts ⇒ 100% documentation and traceability of measurement results
  • Traceable, calibratable, conformity assessable ⇒ legal certainty
Combined measurement of length, width, height, diameter, angularity, parallelism, ... with contactless ELOVIS sensors:

Dimensional control in the pass at high goods speed. This error message when exceeding the tolerance or parts sorting / guaranteed 100% goods delivery. Also intervention in machine regulations for error prevention

Dimensional check on furniture panels and chipboard
- length, width, thickness, squareness

Dimensional control of sheets and boards
- length, width, thickness, squareness

Article identification due to dimensions
- Furniture panels
- Packages

Dimensional control in logistics
- Package and pallet dimensions
- Height width length

Dimensional control of profiles, hoses, pipes
- Diameter, length of piece, gap dimensions, profile dimensions
- Roll length

Dimensional control in roofing membrane production
- Roll length measurement
- Width measurement
- Layer order measurement

Dimensional control in paper roll production
- Roll length measurement
- Roll width measurement

Rapport length measurement on printed foils
- web speed
- Repeat marker distances right, left, delay

Measure free shapes and profiles using 2D and 3D sensors:
- Freeform dimensions, length, width, thickness, squareness

Semi-finished goods production (widths, diameters):

  • Plastic industry and extrusion (profile, hose, pipe, sealing industry, …)
  • Carpet and flooring industry (roll width, web width, …)
  • Metal industry (sheets, blanks, tubes, profiles, bolts, rods, bars, …)
  • Furniture industry (furniture panels, doors, window frames, …)
  • Paper and board industry (hubs, cores, width in transverse movement, roll diameter during longitudinal movement)

Construction industry (panel widths, thicknesses):

  • Wood industry (piece wood, boards, KVH, beams …)
  • Drywall construction (plasterboard, chipboard, MDF boards, HDF boards, OSB boards
  • Insulation industry (insulation panels, fiberglass panels, Rockwool panels, …)

Packaging / transport industry (package dimensions):

  • Packaging material, packaging material (boxes, packages, pallets, …)

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