Wireless Vibration/Oscillation Measurement in the Paper Machine

Vibration measurement on rollers, drives, transmissions via wireless network

Due to their size and complexity, paper machines are a challenge in vibration trouble shooting. With the ELOVIS wireless systems for measuring data transmission, the time-consuming wiring and the possible shutdown of the paper machine is unnecessary. Each radio node saves up to 100 meters of cable. That means smaller service cases and a lighter travel pack. The work safety in the service is improved by the fact that no cables must be led past fast rotating parts. However, the measurement data transmission and evaluation takes place as with cable-based systems.

Typical Application Data:

  • Radio ranges: typically up to 50m in buildings; up to 150m outdoors
  • Number of measurement channels: typically up to 30 measuring channels with high data rate; Max. 120 measurement channels in parallel
  • Data rate: 1 Mbps, sampling rate: 13 kHz
  • Measurement time with rechargeable battery: typically 9 hours
  • Amortization: 2 months, data evaluation via PC software

Measurement examples:

  • Troubleshooting in the paper machine, in the wet section, in the dryer section
  • Inspection of rollers, cylinders, drives, gears, bearings
  • Measure simultaneously and synchronously at up to 40 measurement positions simultaneously

Machines that are monitored with a wireless measurement data transmission:

  • Paper machines, rolling machines, machining centers, screens, mills, classifiers, …
  • wind turbines, ship propulsion, vehicles, …
  • Drives, rollers, gears, bearings, motors, fans, …

Matching Products and Services

Wireless Systems
Vibration & Oscillation Measurement Systems

  • Synchronous, wireless measurement data transmission and data acquisition
  • Live measurement data transmission of vibration oscillation, temperature, pressure
  • Wireless sensor network, self-organised, Industry 4.0 to go!
  • Condition monitoring of machines, drives, processes, objects, bulidings

ELOVIS Services

ELOVIS offers the following services for wireless measurement data transmission:

  • Consulting for wireless data transmission
  • Measurement services, rental positions
  • Help with system malfunctions and troubleshooting
  • OEM sensor developments in the area of wireless measurement data transmission

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