Impact test and acceleration measurement for helmets

Wireless acceleration measurement on sport helmets via wireless network

Helmets for sport and road traffic have to meet high safety requirements. The decisive point is the effect of impacts on helmet stability and force distribution. With the wireless radio systems from ELOVIS, accelerations of up to approx. 50g can be measured. The measured data is transmitted via wireless network and displayed live through a USB access point to a standard PC. The stored measurement data can then be evaluated afterwards. In the image on the right, the helmet hits a slalom pole. The SN-I radio module was inserted into the crash test dummy head from below and measures the accelerations that occur.

Typical Application Data:

  • Radio range in the helmet test: typically up to 15m
  • Number of measuring channels: typically up to 3 measurement channels with maximum data rate;
  • Data rate: 1 Mbps, sampling rate: 13 kHz
  • Measurement time with rechargeable battery: typically 9 hours

Measurement examples:

  • Impact test, drop test, acceleration test, crash test, …
  • Checking helmets, helmet shells, protective helmets, protective equipment
  • Live measurement data transmission with downstream measurement data evaluation

Systems which are equipped with a wireless measurement data transmission:

  • Crash test facilities, towers, impact hammers
  • Test laboratory, measurement laboratory, test stands
  • carriage, acceleration tester
  • Impact tester

Matching Products and Services

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Vibration & Oscillation Measurement Systems

  • Synchronous, wireless measurement data transmission and data acquisition
  • Live measurement data transmission of vibration oscillation, temperature, pressure
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ELOVIS Services

ELOVIS offers the following services for wireless measurement data transmission:

  • Consulting for wireless data transmission
  • Measurement services, rental positions
  • Help with system malfunctions and troubleshooting
  • OEM sensor developments in the area of wireless measurement data transmission

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