Unidirectional Gauge for non-contact Length Measurement and Speed Measurement

The μSPEED-SMART measurement system is the high performance smart sensor for non-contact length measurement and speed measurement. µSPEED-SMART is the sensor solution, to display winding processes for nearly any number of material and surfaces, at low as well as very high speeds.  μSPEED-SMART measures surfaces speeds of processes up to 100 m/s with a general measurement accuracy of +/- 0.05%. μSPEED-SMART combines sensors and evaluation in a 0.9 kg lightweight, compact sensor head housing and directly provides length and/or speed data. The measured value output is done via a quadrature output or as ASCII-string via a serial interface. Industrial bus and Ethernet are available as interface options.

Non-Contact Length Measurement with Laser Encoder

Product Types of µSPEED-SMART – unidirectional sensor for non-contact length measurement and speed measurement

Gauge Example – for low speed and short lengths


The μSPEED-SMART-S1/120 is a unidirectional sensor for non-contact length measurement and speed measurement. The SMART-S1 sensor is designed for slow processes without direction reversal, or processes where a directional signal of the machine is present.

  • Measurement Range: up to 1 m/s
  • Measurement Distance: 120 mm
  • Measurement Distance Tolerances: +/- 5mm (+/- 20mm)
  • For slow processes
  • calibrateable acc. to MID 2014/32/EU

​Gauge Example – for high speed and big stand-off distance


The μSPEED-SMART-S80/240 is a unidirectional sensor for non-contact length measurement and speed measurement. The SMART-S80 sensor is designed for very fast-running processes without reversal of direction, or processes in which a directional signal of the machine is present.

  • Measurement Range: up to 80 m/s
  • Measurement Distance: 240 mm
  • Measurement Distance Tolerances: +/- 10 mm (+/- 40 mm)
  • For fast processes
  • Calibrateable acc. to MID 2014/32/EG

Technical Data for µSPEED-SMART – unidirectional sensor for non-contact length measurement and speed measurement

Direction Recognition via external signal
Measurement from Vmin from 0,01m/s
Material Presence via external signal
Accuracy (typ.) ± 0,05 %
depending on customer requirement
Repeatability ± 0,02 % of measurement value
Type of Sensor/Device Smart Sensor
Speed Measurement Range S1/120: 1 m/s
S80/240: 80 m/s
depending on customer requirement
Measurement Distance (Tolerances) 120±5 (±20) mm
240±10 (±40) mm
depending on customer requirement
Interfaces 1 x RS-485 or RS-232
alternative to I/Os:
RS-422, RS-485
depending on customer requirement
I/Os Quadrature Output
1 to 100.000 (depending on maximum speed) pls/m
Input: Start, Gate, Direction, Laser Interlock
Output: Status
depending on customer requirement
I/O Type RS‐422 Gauge
Laser Interlock (single, 24V)
depending on customer requirement
Available Data Speed, Length, Signal Quality, Status, Laser Interlock, Valid Measurement,
Material Presence
Fieldbus Profibus, CANopen, DeviceNet, CC‐Link,
Ethernet‐IP, Profinet‐IO, Modbus‐RTU
Bluetooth (Alle Feldbuse optional)
Protection Class Sensor Head: IP67
Controller/MID-COUNTER: Front: IP51; Back: IP20
Sensorkopf: 154x94x39 mm depending on customer requirement
Power Supply 24 VDC (18 V to 30 V) depending on customer requirement
Weight Sensor Head: 0,9 kg depending on customer requirement
Laser Data 25 mW, 780 nm (Laser Class 3B)
Ambient Temperature 5 bis 55°C ‐ not condensing
Beyond temperature range external cooling/heating required


Accessories for µSPEED-SMART – unidirectional sensor for non-contact length measurement and speed measurement

Standard Interface



The μSPEED-T-Box terminal unit enables easy and safe connection and supply of the μSPEED-SMART, μSPEED-SMART-ECO and μSPEED-PRO sensors. The top-hat rail module is intended for installation in a control cabinet

Sensor Cable

Shielded Cables

µSPEED-C10, C25, C50

Sensor cables for connecting the µSPEED sensors with the µSPEED-T-Box in lengths between 10 and 50 m (greater lengths only on demand)

Display and Control Units

Length Counter, Speed Display


Simple length counter or tachometer to display the μSPEED length & speed measurement values. 6-digit display, 14 mm character height
Control Unit


Display and control unit for the μSPEED sensors among other things provide the following functionality:

  • Display of all measurement values </ li>
  • Display of sensor status </ li>
  • Input of preselection lengths </ li>
  • Reset of current length </ li>
  • Cut contact, pre-contact output </ li>
  • Sensor Parameterization </ li>
MID-Counter (calibrated)


Counter with calibration license, which can be used for length measurement in conjunction with the optical laser sensors μSPEED-SMART and μSPEED-PRO or alternatively with a rotary pulse generator. Click here for more infos!
Display Unit for Length and Speed


µSPEED-CNT/TACHO beinhaltet einen Längenzähler, eine Geschwindigkeitsanzeige sowie einen Laser-Ein/Aus Schlüsselschalter. Die Anzeigeeinheit ist als Beistelleinheit für den Stand-Alone Betrieb von µSPEED Sensoren konzipiert. Über eine RS 232 Schnittstelle kann die Datenausgabe an einen PC erfolgen.

Serial Large Display


μSPEED-DIS is used to read μSPEED measurement values from a distance. The large display is equipped with 6 digits as standard, but can optionally be set up as 4 or 8-digit 7-segment display. Character height: 57 mm  

Mobile Equipment

Measurement Tripod


μSPEED sensors are small and lightweight and therefore very well suited for a mobile measurement in conjunction with the 2 ELOVIS tripods (TRI). Available in a light and a heavy version. The TRI tripods consist of: tripod, boom with joint, sensor attachment to the boom arm with ball head and sensor mounting plate.
Optical Adjustment Aid


μSPEED-OAJ3 allows a quick and safe adjustment of μSPEED systems without the aid of scales, spirit level or protractor. The adjustment aid OAJ3 is, among other things, for portable measurement applications, for measurements on rotating cylinders or in tight spaces and in applications with constantly varying material spacing.
System Case


The ELOVIS transport case μSPEED-CASE, which comes standard in three different sizes, is ideal for safe storage and transportation of sensor components.


PC Software


The configuration and monitoring software µSPEED-CMS is used for operating µSPEED, as well as displaying and storing µSPEED measurement values on a pc, laptop or tablet. The CMS software is mainly used at portable measurements

Fieldbus and Communication Modules

Profibus-DP, ProfiNet-RT, Ethernet-IP


Standard Bus Interface Module with the following output: Length (in m) , Speed (in m/s), Status Signal (valid/invalid)

Protection Casing

Casing for air cooling


The casing μSPEED-HSEe made of stainless steel is used to protect the sensor head from contamination and from unsuitable ambient temperatures. The HSEe must be supplied with suitable purging air.
Casing for air cooling and water cooling


The casing μSPEED-HSEw is used to protect the sensor head from contamination and from unsuitable ambient temperatures. The HSEw must be supplied with suitable purging air. It is designed for higher ambient temperatures due to the additional connection for water cooling. The HSEw contains two heat exchanger plates.
Heat Exchanger Plates


Heat exchanger plates with 2 cooling water flange connections can be mounted on one or both sides of the sensor head. The water-rinsed heat exchanger plates allow the use of the sensor in a warm measuring environment.
Quick Cange Protective Glass


The μSPEED-QCW Quick Change Protective Glass is designed for use in harsh environments with heavily polluted ambient air. The QCW allows the replacement of the protective glass in seconds and allows the actual cleaning of the glass can be operated detached from the sensor.
Air Purge



The air purge μSPEED-FAN is used to supply μSPEED HSE casings with purge air. Depending on the application, the purging air can be used for heating, for cooling the sensor or merely for avoiding contamination of the sensor optics. HSE and FAN are connected with an air hose.

Sensor Mounting Plate

Mounting Plate with swivel/slot hole element


μSPEED-MP is set up via rotary element, which allows an angular adjustment of the sensor in the material movement direction by +/- 80 °. Slotted holes on the rotary element allow a distance adjustment of the sensor head

Height Adjustment Unit

Adjustment unit for precise distance adjustment of the sensor head


The height adjustment unit allows the sensor adjustment to be carried out with the diameter and thickness variations of the material being measured at the correct measurement distance.

Cable Guidance with Stand

Cable Guidance and Sensor Tripod with Laser Protection Casing


The cable guidance with tripod for the μSPEED sensor (μSPEED-CGS) always ensures the correct distance between the cable and the sensor as well as the correct routing of the cables. When the laser protection casing is opened, the laser switches off automatically.  

Laser Protection Equipment

Laser Protection Tube


The sensor head TUBE for the μSPEED sensor reduces the risk of direct exposure of the laser beam. The TUBE can be combined with the laser shutter LSH.
Laser Shutter


The laser shutter μSPEED-LSH is used for the mechanical blocking of the laser beam. The shutter is manually activated by means of a sliding mechanism and is mounted on the front of the μSPEED system with four screws.
Angule Optics


The angle optics AO is used when the existing mounting space is very limited. The 90° angle optics makes it possible to manage with minimal space.
Laser Protection and Safety Monitoring


The laser protection safety monitoring links various monitoring sensors to avoid any danger from the μSPEED laser. Laser class 1 may be achieved in conjunction with other protective measures.

Lable Printer

Printer for connecting to the MID-COUNTER


In some applications there is a need to provide the product measured in length directly with a label which contains the essential measurement data. This is done by the printer μSPEED-PRT.

Radio Data Transmissions

Bluetooth Module


With the Bluetooth module, the measurement data can be transmitted over a radio link. Such a solution is used when the measurement system with μSPEED-T-Box is not accessible during production. A typical application is in roping/stranding machines.

Battery Module for self-sufficient system operation

Battery Module and Data Logger



For completely self-sufficient system operation, the μSPEED sensor is powered by a battery module together with a data logger. A field of application is the speed measurement of sports vehicles, where there is often no power supply.

Messprinzip Laser-Doppler

Measurement Principle µSPEED-SMART – unidirectional sensor for non-contact length measurement and speed measurement

On the medium to be measured, a stripe pattern is generated by means of two laser beams. As a result of the movement of the scattering surface, the light backscattered into the detector is modulated in intensity, the frequency of the brightness modulation being directly proportional to the speed of the medium and thus to the Doppler frequency. The scattered light is converted via a photodetector into an electrical signal and fed via an analog / digital converter to a processor. The processor determines the current speed and path length from the digitized signal. The use of special marks or scales on the test object is not necessary. This method is known as “laser surface velocimeter” and “laser Doppler measurement systems”. The μSPEED-SMART is a smart sensor for non-contact length measurement and speed measurement according to the heterodyne measurement method.

Videos for µSPEED-SMART – unidirectional sensor for length measurement and speed measurement

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Product Tutorial

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