3D Cross-Section Light Scanner for Width Height Diameter Measurement

The VIS/3D sensors from ELOVIS work on the basis of non-contact edge sensing transversely to movement direction of the measurement object. In addition to the width information, the 3D sensor concept also enables depth information, which can also be used to measure a material thickness or height. Width measurements can thus be made e.g. independent of thickness. The precise measurement in the cross-section light sensor is used for production monitoring, process optimization and documentation of the delivery status of the produced goods. VIS/3D systems are maintenance-free, permanently calibrated and measure largely independent of material. As a kind of “optical micrometer”, VIS/3D systems are used for cross-section measurement, width, height, diameter determination of strips, profiles, tubes, plates, beams, bolts, rolls made of different materials.


Width, height, diameter
of profiles

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non-contact-width measurement

Widths Measurement of webs, strips and boards

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Width Height Edge
Distances in Incident Light

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Measure Free-Forms
and Profiles 2D / 3D

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Dimension of extrusion profiles

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Non-contact width measurement for webs and strips in a cycle | Optical measurement of plate widths

Width measurement of bitumen membranes and roofing membranes

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